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Welcome to rabbisaul.com. This site revolves around two things - my personal blog, which ranges from the mundane affairs of my life to extensive biblical reflections to sports talk; and a slowly-expanding collection of material on Paul and Second Temple Judaism, in the form of articles, book reviews, and reports.

What's in a name?

Why "Rabbi Saul"? Not such a strange question.

It should be understood that I never intended to adopt this as a pseudonym. The name derived from my intense interest in the Apostle Paul that began to burn, in particular, during my final year of seminary. I was doing extensive handling of his epistles in general, and Galatians in particular. One of my primary objectives was to understand what he meant by nomos, and how he understood the Christian's responsibility toward it.

Through the process of that study, I became convinced that Paul was an Israelite indeed, a brilliant teacher of the Hebrew Scriptures, who under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, applied those Scriptures to his own day.

There is nowhere you can turn in Paul without encountering the Scriptures of Israel. They are the presupposition that undergirds everything. Paul is a Jew. After all the nonsense spouted in 19th century German theology, modern scholarship has finally come back round to the point that orthodoxy knew all along. The story that Paul tells is the story of Israel and her collision with her destiny and fulfillment. When the Apostle Paul writes, we are not encountering the originator of a new religion. We are encountering a true Jew, whose faith remains truly Jewish. We are encountering Rabbi Saul.

When I first started my weblog, this all lay in the background. In fact, the thought had already entered my head to write a book around the theme of Rabbi Saul's engagement with Torah. So that's what I called my blog, and there you have it.

Who is this guy?

I'm the author of These Are Two Covenants: Reconsidering Paul On the Mosaic Law, and Paul's Travail: A Reintroduction to Galatians, as well as many other articles and essays. If you want to learn more about me, check out the brief bio on my personal site.

- Tim Gallant

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